#060 - Dan Howells: High Performance Coaching

In this episode of the Decoding Excellence Show, I'm speaking with Industry Veteran and High Performance Practitioner, Dan Howells.

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#060 - Dan Howells: High Performance Coaching

In this episode of the Decoding Excellence Show, I'm speaking with Industry Veteran and High Performance Practitioner, Dan Howells. Dan has experience at US Ski & Snowboard, the English Institute of Sport (EIS), Rugby Union and Rugby 7s, and most recently, in the Major League Baseball (MLB) Houston Astros organization. You do not want to miss this show!

Dan recently formed Collaborate Sports during the initial lockdowns through COVID as a means of connecting developing coaches and practitioners through a personal development focus. Since then, he has reached over 400 hundred practitioners from varying countries using the personal development platform he has created. He provides opportunities to others through Bespoke Coaching/Mentoring, Monthly Interactive Webinars with guest presenters, and the Interactive Personal Development (IPD) Programme.

The IPD was the main focus of building a platform to network other coaches together in a learning environment and make mentorship more affordable for younger and developing coaches. The IPD allows 10-12 coaches to partake in a 6-month course, focusing on specific content dependent on the Technical or Non Technical nature of the programmes.

Live attendance means interaction is central to the programme where attendees can take the information shared and navigate how to apply it to their own world through the help of Dan and others in the programme. The costs are more affordable due to the group nature of the programme, and the online platform provided to allow coaches to communicate between monthly meet ups means that attendees get to coach and help each other daily as required.

Currently, the S&C Technical IPD is open for enrollment with spaces still available for the commencement on January 31st 2021. The programmes reach coaches on all time zones based on running 2 cohorts at any one time. If interested in learning more about the course, you can visit collaboratesports.com for more info, or email Dan direct at info@collaboratesports.com to ask questions or arrange an informal discussion about the opportunities Collaborate Sports aims to provide.

Dan can be found on twitter as @howellsdan and on Instagram with @collaborate_sports

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