What I'm Doing Now

What I'm Doing Now

I'm in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with my wife and wild pack of young wolves children. I prioritize my day to focus on what matters.

  • A Loving Husband

  • An Incredible Father

  • An Amazing Coach

I meditate daily. Experience remarkable moments and attempt to journal daily. I am writing a book about my experiences coaching and leading athletes and teams. What have I learned from the process? "Writing is easy. Editing is challenging."

I am attending a few conference during 2018. I turn down most conferences and speaking engagements unless it truly excites me. If my response isn't "Hell Yes!", then it usually is no. This helps me focus on my life's calling.

I love coaching the athletes I work with at University of Colorado. They are incredible. I am honored to work with them and help them to achieve their dreams.

What I'm Reading

Model Thinking - Scott Page

I Love Learning

I love learning skills, languages, and experimenting with new hobbies. These experiences are the spice of life and this is currently what I am enthralled with at the moment.

  • Writing Better
  • Coding in R
  • Learning Python

My priorities frequently change. This page was last updated January 2020


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