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Sport Science, High-Performance, and Strength and Conditioning Experience

With a career spanning over 14 years in the realm of Sports Science, High-Performance, and Strength and Conditioning, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to my role as a professional in the field. Having dedicated seven years to the University of Colorado Boulder, an additional seven years at Wichita State University, and another three years at Michigan State University; I've been immersed in the world of athletic performance and athlete development.

At the University of Colorado, my central focus revolves around championing the holistic athletic career longevity and peak performance of collegiate student-athletes. Guided by a philosophy deeply rooted in understanding the unique attributes of individual athletes, I craft strategic performance models that continuously evolve to optimize the holistic student-athlete experience and team performance.

My direct responsibilities encompass the seamless integration of sport science, cutting-edge technology, and applied sport-science principles into an innovative strength and conditioning program. Day-to-day, I am actively involved in the education, assessment, curriculum development, and mentorship of professional interns, shaping the future generation of strength and conditioning professionals.

Throughout my career, I've played a pivotal role in the physical preparation of numerous Olympians, professional athletes, All-Americans, and conference championship teams. My commitment extends beyond the weight room, as I have served as both an instructor in the classroom and a professional mentor to aspiring strength & conditioning coaches in collegiate and professional athletics.

My journey began at Michigan State University, where I served as a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach. During this time, I contributed to the success of multiple Big 10 championship teams and had the privilege of working with several individual All-Americans. My impact reached across 17 Michigan State Olympic sport teams, shaping their strength and conditioning programs.

Continuing to push the boundaries of excellence, I remain engaged in consulting with various collegiate and professional programs, offering insights into program design, training equipment, and the administration of analytics, sport-monitoring, and athlete benchmark testing protocols.

Join me on this journey of relentless pursuit in unlocking the full potential of athletes, creating a legacy of excellence, one performance at a time.