#009 Nick Littlehales

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#009 Nick Littlehales

In this episode of the Decoding Excellence show, I am speaking with Sleep Coach and author, Nick Littlehales.

Nick is a leading industry expert with over 30 years experience in the world of sleep, sleeping habits, and product design and over 15 years dedicated to elite athletes and professional sport.

Recently, Nick authored a fantastic book on the importance of sleep and recovery titled: "Sleep: Redefine Your Rest, for Success in Work, Sport and Life".

Having read the book, it's a tremendous and practical guide that all coaches would benefit from reading and applying the simple lessons provided in the text.

Nick's book is available on Amazon.com, Audible, iBookstore, and Google Play.

Nick and I discuss:

  • Importance of Sleep in Athletic Performance
  • Discussions surrounding his book
  • The concept of aggregation marginal gains
  • The R90 Sleep Method
  • Simple & Real World Sleep/Recovery Tips
  • Understanding your Circadian Rhythm
  • Identifying your Sleep Chronotype
  • How Sleep affects Recovery & Regeneration

You can catch up with Nick on Twitter at @SportSleepCoach or his website at SportSleepCoach.co.uk

This episode of the Decoding Excellence show is brought to you by Vald Performance, the makers of the NordBord, DashBord, and the GroinBar. They can be found at ValdPerformance.com

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