5 Qualities of World-Class Leaders

In this article, I discuss the five qualities I found in both World-Class Leaders and Coaches. My hopes is this article can provide you a small glimpse to the few things you can do to improve your leadership capabilities.

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5 Qualities of World-Class Leaders

Can Bond with Everyone

Many of the world-class leaders I know all have a certain "it-factor" that, at some primitive level, allows for them to relate to anyone and everyone inside the company. It doesn't matter whether the other person is a Fortune 500 CEO or an office custodian, the best leaders inspire, motivate, and can create an awe-inspiring connection within the organization.

The ability to interact with a wide variety of people, all of which may have different ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, genders, and more - while having humility, empathy, and a curious wonder for others' stories is a hallmark characteristic of a world-class leader. My experiences leads me to belief that world-class leaders hold everyone on equal levels and treats interactions and encounters with dignity and shared equality.

Charismatic People Person

Coaching is about building a bridge for others to follow (a plan of action) while inspiring an internal drive and motivation for the plan until the other person have the ability to construct their own plan with a relentless pursuit of their intentions.

With coaching, so much of elevating others to personal or team success, making great decisions, and building a world-class program is dependent upon building a world-class support team that all shares an equal understanding that helping others ultimately helps everyone.

It is no surprise in our current coaching landscape that great coaches and world-class leaders will come and go "in packs".

One of the many hallmark signs of an ability to bring out the bests in others is whether that person already has a group of people who want to be in their presence. Recognize that people flock to others who make them better, inspire action, provide a clear and concise plan and strategy, and ultimately helps others achieve success.

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When you recognize this trait and or an entourage of people who want to be around this person, recognize that they are consciously or subconsciously helping to elevate others.

Willing to Share

Many of the world-class leaders I have worked with would routinely give credit to other members of their team, all while accepting team while accepting and shielding the criticism and "bullets". When leaders end up claiming that the success was "all their own doing", it quickly breaks down teams and creates organizational chaos.

Those coaches who spread credit and accolades through their coaching tree and organization tend to be better equip for leadership positions. They are the type of leaders that inspire the best work out of others.

As we all know in coaching, there are plenty of situations that are outside of control. Championships are won and loss based on the arc of a free throw, the split-second decision of a 18-year-old freshman athlete, and the decisions of a contracted conference referee. It is even more so courageous and inspiring to witness when leaders take credit for the the shortcomings of a team; while simultaneously spreading the credit for the successful things done to the people around them.

Prepares for the Black Swans

Many of the best coaches, similar to world-class leaders, have systematically tried to kill their ego. In fact, most of them are quick to admit when they lack an answer. They do not try to know everything nor could they if they even wanted. Some of the best advice I ever received was:

"Purposely position yourself in rooms where you are surrounded by people smarter than you."

Great leaders do not have to have all the answers, rather, they should have a world-class team around them to cover their blind spots and weaknesses. They do not need to have all the answers but they do need to assemble an all-star cast of people who can cover a wide breadth and depth of topics while possessing the ability to defer to others for the common good.

Embraced "Off The Grid"

In every single industry, the notion of "working harder than your competition" permeates many conversations. Grind, Hustle, Work, Go Hard!

It is one of the most commonly prescribed advice in most self-help books and motivational speeches. It is my opinion, that all work with little rest & relaxation is the recipe to an early career burn-out. Many of the world-class leaders and coaches I know all have various activities "outside the weight room" that ignites a different passion and excites them.

I honestly do not I think I survive a high-pressure career if I didn't have an outlet to express myself from the regular day-to-day. Whatever your individual hobby may be, it is a wise pursuit to have one that mentally disconnects and decompresses you away from your daily demands.

Those that often disconnect can return to their work with a new vigor and increased effort to their craft. It is a small investment in your craft, yourself, and the people you surround yourself with.

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What makes all these qualities special is that they are often hidden on a resume. You can easily determine educational backgrounds, coaching experiences, and much more from a candidate's resume or CV but you can not distill these unique qualities on paper. Many of these qualities are subtle and not easily seen on the surface; which is precisely why these qualities are coveted and so unique.