An Instagram Live Conversation with Adam Ringler

Blog Jan 5, 2022
“We better be prepared too, at the least, bridge the gap between where the athletes are and where the coaches want them to be.”

Jay and I get the great opportunity to catch-up about how we can maximize some of the time and opportunities in our COVID down time.

We discuss the role of: continuing education, connecting with coaches and athletes, and the unique challenges that we were both having “working from home” and how these will impact us going forward. I voluntarily run down the rabbit hole of return to play, which is a project I've been working on, and what impact that has on my view on how we will need to be involved in “return to sport” in multiple levels for our athletes.

I later dive into where facts and opinions both fit into the discussions we are about to have with our athletes and coaches, and how important it is to work the objective and subjective together to make the best decisions.


Adam Ringler

Adam Ringler, MS, SCCC, CSCS is a hard working, loyal, and competitive Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Colorado. Born on Television, Raised by wolves.