Adapt, Migrate, or Die

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Adapt, Migrate, or Die

Thanks for staying with me for this long. I've made a decision to move my hosting services away from my previous one and streamlined the backside of this blog to make for more efficient strength & conditioning writing.

This was a tedious process which required me to migrate all my old blog posts over to the new system; Ghost Blog - a tremendous new platform enabling bloggers to write faster with much greater control over their content.

So while the title of this post is very much about the current state of my blog, I believe you could also adopt this title to the current state of strength & conditioning.

Educational Adaptation within in the field is crucial inorder to stay current with the latest sport science research. Methodologies of years ago are being proven inefficient by today's training standards.

What are you doing today to help your program or coaching abilities adapt to the new science or research? Are you attending clinics, tradeshows, educational summits or workshops? Are you challenging your current beliefs on a daily basis? You should be.

What we know about strength & conditioning today will be outdated (and likely proven wrong) in five years. It is crucial to stay current in the research and use evidence-based coaching practices within your program.