You Are Your Team

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You Are Your Team

When I was first starting my career in Strength & Conditioning, a mentor of mine once told me,

"What you see is what you coach".

He couldn't be anymore correct. Let me explain.

You Create Your Environment

You set the tone, the high-expectations, and the the culture surrounding your weight room. As a coach, it's entirely up to you to dictate the direction of the strength & conditioning program. Your behaviors & actions directly influence the culture of the program. Is it one of high standards? Are your behaviors in line of those of your goals? They need to be.

Their Actions = Your Coaching

If another coach where to visit your facility in the middle of one of your sessions, would they be impressed? As strength & conditioning coaches, we all should know what a good squat, olympic movement or hip-hinge looks like - but does your athletes replicate their movements to the standards we hold true?

"What you see is what you coach".

If your seeing half-squats, and poor hip-hinges. If your seeing athletes walking, sitting, gossiping, or not giving a concern over their fellow teammates - guess what?

Your Inaction is coaching it!

The moment you take responsibility for the actions or behaviors of your team will be the moment you decisively dictate the culture and standards you have for athletes, a team, or a program.