Stop Learning...Start Dying?

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Stop Learning...Start Dying?

What a fantastic quote by Lillian Smith.  Too often coaches get set in a routine that becomes 'comfortable'.  When you ignore current research, advice, science breakthroughs, in relation to your training programs, then it is time to die.

Don't neglect research at the expense of comfort.  Mike Boyle said it best, "We shouldn't be punished for learning".  If your program hasn't changed in 3-5 years, then you must seriously question what you are doing.  Are you being a coach or a babysitter?

I tell the coaches I work with that in 5 years, what we are currently doing will be proven wrong and ineffective.  I'd like to believe we are training on the cutting edge research but with new scientific breakthroughs and detailed research coming out in the field of Strength & Conditioning, I believe what is current will be proven wrong in a few years.  It is my job, as a strength coach to continue following the research and make sure that we're always adapting to the latest research.

I believe principles and foundations should remain the same, however, the application of those principles will change based around the latest scientific findings.