Consultancy Policy

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Consultancy Policy

My Personal Policy

If you know me, I've never been one to turn down coffee or an opportunity to talk-shop with another sport scientist, strength and conditioning coach, or practitioner in our field. Hell, I started my own podcast, The Decoding Excellence Show to do just that!

Also, if you know me, you can attest that it's my nature to be curious, help where I can, and try to offer as much information as I can. I'd gladly give you the shirt off my back if it'd personally help you.

Truth told, I've been stretched so thin and pulled in so many different directions, I'm finding it hard to balance my time and priorities. In fact, I recently looked back at my now page, and personally decided that I must focus on my high priority tasks.

Over time, a small minority of those people I met with, began offering a financial exchange for this time exchange. While those payments were generally small, the significance of those small financial tokens went a long way justifying the cancellations of other personal endeavors. What do I mean?

As an example, I would often cancel my  previously scheduled personal events in order to facilitate our coffee exchange or meet-up. Expanding further, Jiu-Jitsu normally went out the window. Forever a white-belt. Other times, I'd text my wife and cancel our lunch plans. Lost opportunity for a personal connection. It's far too easy to cancel my own training session in order to make the drop-in schedule work. I guess I'll be disappointed with my physical performance.

Unfortunately, I can’t continue to do this. Here's why:

Whenever I say "yes", to your personal request, behind the scenes, I'm saying "no" to my own events and priorities that I've put on my calendar. It's my personal nature to help where I can and I've been willing to sacrifice important things, far too long, but I'm now seeing the unintended consequence of doing this.

For the time being, my  personal policy is to decline most free one-on-one opportunities.

Moving Forward

While I want to say "yes" to every request that comes my way, I must let the default "no" policy remain.

If deep down you thinki  can be of assistance, I've setup a consultancy in order to justify the cancellations on my calendar in order to make new appointments.

If you think you'd like to pursue a fee-based professional consultancy session, perhaps you desire a sounding board to bounce new ideas off, or wish to have a Q&A session, I've created the scheduling page below.