Excessive Supplement: Mo' Supplements = Mo' Problems?

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Excessive Supplement: Mo' Supplements = Mo' Problems?

Hold up & stop the presses, this supplement issue it getting a bit crazy.  Don't get me wrong and think that I am anti-supplements, because by no means am I. The thing is, I don't think you need to take 20 different supplements every day to "optimize" 20 different things. It's ludicrous and a complete waste of money.

They industry calls it a supplement business because it's a "business" - to make money. Their marketing people create these fancy advertisements with sponsored bodybuilders models who's job is to be the poster-boy for said supplement. It's a business, an in fact, "U.S. consumers spent approximately $3.8 billion on weight-loss supplements in 2008, while the sexual health dietary supplement market grew 8% to $476 million in 2007" Nutrition Business Journal.

Who am I to say that you shouldn't take supplement X, Y, and Z. I myself use supplements, but I use them wisely. I have a simple little exercise for you. If you can't count the number of supplements your taking on one hand, then you're probably not eating as well as you should be.

I think Biggie Smalls, Notorious BIG said it best when he said "Mo Money equals Mo Problems" It's very much the same with the supplement intake. You don't need to be taking everything under the sun. Instead, you should be spending that money on quality nutritious foods.

I am not a doctor so do not take my medical or nutritional advice as anything other than my own opinion. But in my personal belief, if you feel ABSOLUTELY that you must have supplements in your regiment, and nutritious foods cannot cover the basis, then I have some recommendations for you. However, you should only really have to have the following things.

  1. A good protein powder
  2. A multi-vitamin
  3. a good creatine source