Applying the Five Levels of Leadership

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Applying the Five Levels of Leadership

What The Five Levels of Leadership Are

Level 1: Position (Power) - Given by Company
People Follow Because they Have to.

Level 2: Permission (Relationships) - Earned
People follow because they Want to.
People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Level 3: Production (Results) - Earned
People follow because of what you have done for the organization.

Level 4: People Development (Reproduction) - Earned
Team follow because of what you have done for them.
Loyalty begins to develop.

Level 5:  Personhood (Respect) - Given by People
Team follow because of who you are and what you represent.

Climbing the Steps of Leadership

Step 1: The higher you go, the longer it takes.

Step 2: The higher you go, the higher the level of commitment.
Your commitment to your team, and the team's commitment to you.

Step 3: The higher you go, the easier it is to lead.

Step 4: The higher you go, the greater your success.

Step 5: You never leave a level below, you build on it.

Step 6: As a leader, you won't be on the same level with all of your team.

Step 7: You must work to carry other leaders with you up the steps.

The Three Key Levels of Influence and Leadership

Level 2: Permission Level Your ability to connect with your team. (Getting your teammates to work for you, when they are not obligated)

Connecting Thoughts on Level 2
1. Connecting with People Begins with Caring for People.
2. Connecting with Teammates Continues by Communicating with Teammates.
3. High Achievers Cared about Teammates And Results.

The HELP Method
H: Offer Hope
E: Offer Encouragement
L: Care and Love for Your Team
P: Increase their Personal Value

Level 3: Production Level
Your ability to lead your teammates and the team.

Level 4: People Development Level
Your ability to grow and train your teammates.

Three Questions You Must Ask Yourself and the Team

1. What's Our Dream? 2. Who's On The Team? 3. What Should My Dream Team Look Like?

The Team Determines the Dream.  The Quality of the Team Determines the Quality of the Dream.  Your Team must be equal or exceed the dream.

The Law of the Bench

Great Teams have Great Depth

Future of a Team can be Predicted by Three Things

1. Recruitment: Who is joining the team? 2. Training: Are the team members being developed? 3. Losses: Who is leaving the team?

Keys to Finding and Keeping Great Teammates

1. Recruit them Strategically. 2. Develop them Continually. 3. Place them Correctly. 4. Value them Highly