#024 Ethan Owens

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#024 Ethan Owens

In this episode of the Decoding Excellence Show, I am joined with my good friend, former strength and conditioning coach and current informatics analyst, Ethan Owens.

Ethan currently is an informatics analyst in Dayton, Ohio at CareSource. Ethan has been involved in analytics for the better part of a decade now, bouncing back between sport analytics and healthcare analytics. Before his current position, he held positions at CoachMePlus, Catapult, and as a data scientist for TriHealth in Cincinatti. Ethan received a bachelor's in physical education and in exercise science from the University of Dayton, and a master's degree in sport physiology at East Tennessee State University.

On the show, Ethan & I discuss A LOT:

4:24 – Ethan’s biography and journey into coaching
6:30 – Journey into working with Catapult Sports
7:25 – Ethan's beginnings with analytics & programming languages
10:30 – The infiltration of analytics in sports performance
11:30 – Where Ethan's interests in analytics began
15:30 – How a GREAT teacher can disguise statistical education
17:20 – Learning how to ask better questions
21:50 – Capturing data into software and the progression
23:20 – The importance of reading
26:45 – Sport-Related Book Recommendations
28:40 – Non-Sport Related Book Recommendations
30:00 – Statistics Related Book Recommendations
36:30 – What are other resources Ethan consumes
38:00 – The proper and healthy use of Twitter
42:00 – The Power of PowerBI (That's a lame pun)
43:30 – What does 30 million rows look like?
44:15 - Partially Derivative Podcast Recommendation
45:45 - What unique qualities or absurd habits make Ethan who he is
47:00 - Ethan’s love of routine and schedules (Yay Calendars!)
49:00 – How wrestling has influenced our professional lives
50:02 – Personality Types and our Myers-Briggs Type differences
51:15 - Ethan’s own "Checklist Manifesto"
53:40 – The advise Ethan would give to a new coach or scientist
54:40 – Why networking is important
57:00 – Never stop reading books
58:30 – “How to Talk so Kids will Listen” Book Recommendation
59:45 – The need for leadership when
60:00 – Tim “Red” Wakeham and Leadership Lessons
1:01:00 – Ethan’s ability to focus out poor information
1:03:00 – How Ethan centers himself when stressed or overwealmed
1:06:30 – Headspace App vs Oak Meditation Apps
1:06:45 – Meditating in the morning versus the evenings
1:09:30 – How to contact Ethan

You can catch up with Ethan on Twitter at @OwensE21

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