#013 Michael Mullin

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#013 Michael Mullin

In this episode of the Decoding Excellence Show, I am speaking with Michael Mullin, the owner of Integrative Rehab Training LLC.

Michael is a clinically-based athletic trainer with over 25 years of experience in training and rehabilitation. He is the Owner/Clinician of Integrative Rehab Training LLC and sees clients out of Back Cove Personal Fitness in Portland and Beyond Strength in Falmouth. He is an NATA Certified Athletic Trainer and a registered Physical Therapy Assistant in California. He is on the adjunct faculty at the University of New England and is a Certified Clinician through the Postural Restoration Institute. Michael specializes in the treatment, rehabilitation and training of individuals and has worked with all levels of athletes. He has provided consultation, treatment and/or presentations to NFL teams, the US Ski Team, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning, Cressey Sports Performance, Perform Better seminars, Stars On Ice tour, national level rugby teams as well as numerous dance studios, sports teams, fitness facilities and running clubs.

Michael and I discuss:

  • His journey into the rehabilitation profession
  • Importance of proper breathing mechanics
  • Integrative models of performance & rehabilitation
  • Lessons learned applying Postural Restoration Institute concepts

You can catch up with Michael on Twitter at @MJMatc. You can also navigate to Michael's website, Integrative Rehab Training, and browse the many great resources he's created. Michael is also active on Facebook, where he links and post regular articles surrounding his rehabilitation and training programs.

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