The 4:1 Principle

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The 4:1 Principle

In a conversation with Mike Boyle, I was advised that I had two eyes, two ears but only one mouth; as a rule for interning, use a 4-1 ratio. This doesn't mean to always be a shy introvert who never speaks their mind, but rather learn to listen and observe. Don’t be the individual who asks every question in inappropriate times. Understand that your role as an intern is built on a principle that each party benefits. The employer gets a helping hand while providing you as an intern with an opportunity to learn. While you are not full time staff, make it your priority to act like you were.

An idea that I’ve always lived by was “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. That doesn’t mean you have the power to always walk the walk, however, learn to carry yourself in a professional manner that is above your duty. Hold higher expectations for yourself than any of your superiors and demand only excellence out of your performance. If you feel you are not meeting your own expectations – go back to the literature and read, attend summits, buy coffee and arrange a meeting with local experts, coaches, etc. Do what it takes to achieve your goal.

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