Strength Training and Branding

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Strength Training and Branding

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Several months have past by and who would have thought that my most successful article would be about the Jabbawockeez and Branding. I still think Jabbawockeez are doing a fantastic job branding their company. From gigs around the world to the Gatorade advertising campaign their featured in. They're doing a fantastic job. Another company doing a great job advertising as of lately is none other than Gatorade.  Between the Primer, During and Recovery beverages, their advertising spots, and their tremendous web work; they are leading the charge in current trend advertising.

I, however, don't want to spend the entire time talking about advertising or branding. This blog is about strength training. Therefore, let's digest some current strength training trends or brands that are absolutely tearing it up. P90x & Insanity.

While I have never done P90x or Insanity I do have friends who love both. Tony Horton (P90x) and Insanity (Shaun T) and two reputable name brand people now - thanks to their programs. However, ask any civilian or house mom, or even casual fitness enthusiast who the head strength and conditioning coach of University of Michigan, the head strength coach of Michigan State University, or any other different college; the answer will be that THEY DON'T KNOW.

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This is a shame because there are so many GREAT strength and conditioning coaches out there in the trenches that SHOULD have their name known. These coaches are the driving forces of the industry. They are the ones in the gyms, on the fields, courts, and arenas, training athletes nonstop. There is a serious disconnect from those in the field to those out there looking to consume information.

Now you may refute my statements by saying "Adam, these strength coaches don't serve the average house mom or the fitness enthusiast, they serve THE ATHLETE". I couldn't agree more with you! I agree that strength coaches don't need to reach this market, but guess who is listening to these pundits? - The Athletes! I've had several athletes in my time tell me they want to do Tony Horton's "Muscle Confusion" or Ramp up the Intensity like Shaun T.

As an industry, we need to do a better job reaching out and setting a standard of training in a mass market, or even make the information accessible to those out there. Why? Because if we don't, an advertising, marketing wizard will sell an item that will convince our athletes that our programs are lesser than the "well known" P90X or Insanity. It's time we step up and begin the market and brand ourselves, our industry, and our style of strength and conditioning before somebody else does.