Sharing Quality Information

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Sharing Quality Information

Believe it or not, I'm still around. Yes, it's hard to believe.

If you occasionally visit this website, which by all traffic metrics and Google Analytics doesn't reflect it, you may notice a huge fall off of quality blog posts being published here. The reason behind this lack of published blog posts is twofold.

  1. The amount of quality coaching being done at Wichita State right now is tremendous. The progress we've made building our High Performance program have been incredible; in all elements. With building anything of high-quality; that project requires a tremendous amount of effort and focus. Anything exceptional likely will consume you. We've built a program that is multifaceted and depends on constant communication between all respective parties; from the support staff to sport coaches.

    I started this project with the hopes of advancing the nature of our high performance training program and wholeheartedly believe we accomplished that. Even though we celebrate the success of building this program, it now requires constant tweaking and adjustments to refine the communication and management of student-athletes. The current state of this High-Performance Program requires a full forced effort in that day-to-day operation. Any less, and the program is compromised.

  2. The fall off with more frequent posts also happened as a larger result of my second largest project. I've been incredibly busy with the daily writing and brain-dump of information in preparation for my strength & conditioning book. I have not discussed this book for a number of reasons but after 400 pages of strength and conditioning content, I've been editing this manuscript to whittle down the information for young strength and conditioning coaches, business executives, and leaders in any industry.

    I am incredibly excited about this book project as it's been a labor of love and passion for the industry. I hope in the near future you can pick up this book and use some of the lessons I've learned in my career to help advance your leadership capabilities and understanding of the profession.