Monthly Musings #008

My monthly musings. Once a month microdose of the coolest things I discover.

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Monthly Musings #008
"There have to be reasons that you get up in the morning and you want to live. Why do you want to live? What's the point? What inspires you? What do you love about the future?" - Elon Musk

monthly musings

Once a month microdose of the coolest things I discover.

1. Recently enjoyed watching this Sloan Sports Analytics Conference video on the Tradeoff between Performance and Injury Reduction. SSAC is a conference that I highlight every year and I'm looking forwarding trying to attend the 2020 conference. You can find more information about the conference by navigating to their site

2. Favorite Read over the last two months have been "Mental Models" by Shane Parrish. If we are trying to better understand the world we live in, we should examine the short-cuts and models we use to make sense of the universe around us. This book was a great examination of many of the models we use on a daily basis (even if we don't fully know or understand we're using them).

3. Currently Listening to Pete Buttigieg's book "Shortest Way Home" which also highlights many of my childhood memories of South Bend, Indiana. It's been a great lens into understanding where geographically and ideologically comes from, offers lessons on leadership, and champions the idea of civic duty. It has been a fascinating read but probably mostly due to my interest in both Mayor Pete and the relationship I have to South Bend.

4. Latest Podcast I recently recorded was my Decoding Excellence Monday Minutes episode discussing some of the new programming changes I am making. These Monday Minutes shows are a quick 10-15 minute episode where I discuss current industry trends, research reads, current events, and occasionally offer my insights into the training process that we're undertaking each week. I believe with conviction, you'll take away something interesting from this show and I hope it delivers you a little bit of value in your day.

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Some of my favorite links lately.

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2. Growing pains: Why the de-load program failed to prevent injuries
3. Will Kurt on his latest book: Bayesian Statistics The Fun Way
4. The Disruptors Discussions with Fergus Connolly
5. Why Only a Few People Generate Half of the Results

I've recorded a few new Decoding Excellence episodes. Check them out.

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