The Power of a Notecard

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The Power of a Notecard

Daily goals – Do you have any when you walk through your office door?  If your like most people, chances are that you do.  We all have some sort of small goals, medium-sized projects, and even the occasionally lofty (but still attainable) goals we’ve all been working on for too long.

These days, there are hundred of Android and iOS apps out there to help you manage your to-do list of daily goals and needs.  As a strength & conditioning coach working with 100’s of athletes, I rely on technology to help me stay organized.  I will be the first to admit that I love the use of technology. A matter of fact, I have my iPhone glued to my hand.  However, the most successful tip I have with tackling my daily to-do list wasn’t the use of sophisticated computer software or iPhone apps. It’s back to the basics.

Every. Single. Day. I write down the three most important things I need to accomplish on a 3×5 note card. This next step is the most important, so please pay attention. No matter what happens in my day – I. Finish. My. Notecard.  I ruthlessly attack every item on this list. Like the Navy Seals, “I never leave a man behind”.

I never write more than three things on my list.  There are some days where I tackle those missions within the first hour of my day. Mission accomplished and I’m free for the randomness of things that pop up throughout the day.  However, there are other days where unforeseeable events occur that forces me to stay after in order to complete my note card.

The biggest to-do list secret I’ve ever learned was to “commit”. Once you write down the 2-3 items you deem most important for the day, commit to doing them – no matter the circumstances.