Attention to Detail

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Attention to Detail

One of the most important lessons my Father taught was how important even the smallest detail was. I feel that is something many people has lost sight of now days. Call it the modernization of self-correcting technology, simple laziness, or any other combination of generational factors or ineptitude; needless to say my generation has lost sight of accurately following details.

This would be a point of emphasis during my time at Michigan State University while a graduate assistant. Merciless. If you paid attention to the details and followed directions 100% accurately you would receive a nod and nothing more. This was expected and a part of the culture. Following directions and attention to details was a given and simply an expected part of everyday. It's my feeling there is too much applauding and cheerleading of common behaviors that are simply 'minimal standards'.

While in East Lansing, if you happened to miss ANY point or the smallest step in the details; you'd receive the hammer. Didn't write down the notes - hammer. Say you forgot to put the mail in the correct spot - hammered hard. Without fail, if you didn't follow directions or details you would know what to expect. All these actions created a culture that was built around paying attention to even the smallest detail.

Our iY generation is missing this critical piece and it's so critical to success. I relentlessly look over every shred of information and scan our weight room with an eagle like eye in order to make sure the standards (or details) are being executed with precision.

If as leaders we're not willing to hold people's behaviors to the standard or culture we've set - then the mental energy required to establish those principles are worth nil.

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. - John Wooden

Adam Ringler