#057 - Velocity Based Training & Performance Application

#057 - Velocity Based Training & Performance Application

I'm discussing the application of velocity based training techniques (VBT) and the application of training along the force-velocity curve.

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In this episode of the Decoding Excellence Show, I'm discussing my application of velocity based training techniques (VBT) and the application of training along the force-velocity curve. I discuss the different velocity thresholds, exercise modalities, how I utilize VBT during different periods of our annual training program, and much more.

As a reminder, our Monday Minutes shows are a quick 10-15 minute episode where I discuss current industry trends, research reads, current events, and occasionally offer my insights into the training process that we're undertaking each week. I believe with conviction, you'll take away something interesting from this show and I hope it delivers you a little bit of value in your day.

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