Company Review: ATP Pro Gear

I don't how many of you know the story of when my car got robbed but nonetheless, I'll cut to chase. I was helping out at a meet and low and behold when I returned to my car I found it unlocked and rummaged through. As you can tell I would be quite angry at this point. I try to go and do a good deed and volunteer and yet some how it's my car that gets broken into. Where is karma when you need it? Needless to say, my gym bag was rummaged through and I ended up having a few items stolen. I'm talking about my iPods (i unfortunately had two), phone, and wallet. Well, being that this is my gym bag, after going through the aftermath of this crook's deeds, I was left with the unfortunate event to find that somehow in the process, I'm missing ONE wrist wrap. How sucky is that? Knee wraps were present, weight belt, check, elbow sleeves accounted for, wrist straps still present, yet somehow one wrist wrap is missing. What does a person do with only one wrist wrap? Seriously?

Well, this is where the company review begins. I contacted Alan over at the manufacturer of all my weight lifting gear, in order to get a quote of how much it would cost to cover my one missing wrist wrap. Low and behold, Alan sends me an entire pair next day. How absolutely awesome is it of Alan to do this! I'll tell you... It's pretty damn awesome a guy is willing to send them out, especially in these times where the market is rough.

Two days later, sitting at my mailbox was this package straight from Alan himself. What a stand up guy he is for fronting the costs of an otherwise high quality pair of wrist wraps. I cannot say enough about both Alan and APT Pro Gear. I've exclusively used their products over the last 5 years and I would not contemplate anything else.

If you haven't gotten around to trying out any of their products I highly suggest you hop on it soon. They are always having sales and and if you check they're website every so often, your catch them while they're offering some sweet deals.

Truth is, I don't often back many websites or companies. It's tough out there in the market and companies now days are doing everything they can to keep turning over a profit. However, and I think there I've been very candid about this, there are three companies that have my complete support. In no apparent order, but first, as they often the finest quality supplements that you can find at their incredible cheap prices. Next, as they have provided my personal training business with minibands, dynadiscs, educational resources, foam rollers, etc, etc. Finally, and the purpose of this entire article, is as they have always been the top of the line when it comes to selling wrist wraps, straps, weight belts, elbow sleeves, suits, etc. They are the top of the line when it comes to your powerlifting supplies.

Again, you don't need to be a powerlifter to check out They sell some amazing tools and weight lifting gear that will help you get your body, lifts, and performance to the next level. If you have questions head over to their website and there are plenty of great articles, self-help guides, and more. I'm repping these guys because they have helped me out. I was in a bind when my car and gym bag was stolen and Alan stepped up the plate and hit it out of the park by replacing my wraps. I'm asking my readers and subscribers to check the website out and if your interested in any of the products. They have a toll-free line right on their website.

Check them out... They're the best in the business.

Adam Ringler

Adam Ringler

Adam Ringler, MS, SCCC, CSCS is a hard working, loyal, and competitive Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Colorado. Born on Television, Raised by wolves.

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