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Decoding Excellence with Greg Adamson

​In this episode of the Decoding Excellence show, I am speaking with Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of Tennessee, Coach Greg Adamson.

Coach Adamson to Tennessee after serving as the assistant strength and conditioning coach at Winthrop in 2011-12. While at Winthrop, he developed training regimens and programs for women's basketball, baseball, men's & women's Soccer, track and field, men's tennis, and lacrosse. Prior to his time at Winthrop, he served as a graduate assistant for strength and conditioning at Central Michigan for two years, where he worked with four top 25 teams.

Coach Adamson and I discuss:

  • His background into S&C
  • Coaching progressions & evolutions
  • Empowerment & Education
  • Battling Entitlement
  • The Power of Youth Coaching
  • Characteristics of Great Coaches
  • Problem Solvers & Enthusiasts
  • Favorite Books from 2016
  • Utilization of Sports Technology
  • Building Sport-Science Buy-in
  • His Definition of Excellence

You can catch up with Coach Adamson on Twitter at @UTCoachGreg

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Adam Ringler

Adam Ringler

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